League of Legends Match Analyzer

is a League of Legends match analyzer.

When you view a match with Echo, you get less than a replay, but more than a summary — you get an echo. The goal of Echo is to provide a high-level view of the match with just enough data to figure out what happened and why. Did the other mid out-damage you in early game? Did their marksman miss a few too many minion last-hits? Was your tank a little short on HP? Echo lets you quickly inspect a match and see roughly how it went without having to follow along with a whole replay or guess the state of the game at 15:00 from a summary screen.

Echo was built by Eric Wastl, who is reachable on Twitter as @ericwastl.

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Using Echo after a Match

After a match, click the View Advanced Details button on the summary screen:
Match Summary screen with View Advanced Details button circled
This will open a match details page in your web browser. Then, either...
Use this [Analyze with Echo] bookmarklet!
Just drag it to your bookmarks bar.
Whenever you're on a match details page,
you can click it to jump straight to Echo.
Match History page in a web browser with the URL circled
Copy the URL of the match details page from your location bar and paste it into the Echo search box.

Searching for Ranked Matches by Summoner Name

You can give Echo a Summoner Name to find ranked matches involving that player. The NA region will be assumed unless you prefix it with the region and a colon, like "kr:summonername". Due to a restriction imposed by Riot, only ranked matches can be found in this way. You can still view other kinds of matches directly with a Match ID or Match Details URL.

Specifying a Match

You can give Echo a Match Details URL for any game — even unranked and custom games. This is the URL of the page LoL opens when you click "view advanced details" buttons within the client. If you already have a Match ID, you can paste it in directly; the NA region will be assumed unless you prefix it with the region and a colon, like "kr:12345".


Apparently, we need a privacy policy that "discloses how [we] collect, use, store, and disclose data collected from users".

Your browser automatically sends us your IP, User Agent, and a few similar things. We log these for auditing and statistical purposes. They're stored for about a year.

If you interact with Echo, any queries we make to League of Legends game data are cached to improve application performance. Caches expire after a few hours.


Riot says that Echo "must prominently display the following statement":